ONR – the Power of Rinseless Wash

ONR – the Power of Rinseless Wash


Pure perfection. That’s the only way to describe Optimum No Rinse.

For decades, we’ve washed cars with a hose, soap and water. It’s a messy feat, and you’re all but guaranteed to finish the task half-soaked to the bone and smelling like car soap and hose water. If you’re lucky, it’ll only take an hour and the hose water won’t dry on the vehicle, leaving a bunch of hard water spots everywhere.

We jumped on the technology band wagon a couple years ago and ventured into the world of Optimum No Rinse and it sparked a process revolution. We can now safely and effectively detail a car inside of a garage, with no more than 4 gallons of water, a wash mitt and a drying towel. We stay completely dry during the process, and optimum no rinse is a natural water softener, all but eliminating the potential for water spots. The icing on the cake? IT’S SAFER FOR YOUR ¬†PAINT THAN CONVENTIONAL CAR SOAP! Why? The molecular structure of the solution encapsulates dirt, greatly reducing the risk of it scratching the surface of the paint. After washing the vehicle, dry it with a specially formulated drying towel and you’re done.

Optimum No Rinse —-> Get it Here

Wash Mitt —————> Get it Here

Drying Towel ———–> Get it Here


This wheel cleaner will change how you clean your wheels – GUARANTEED!

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