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Placer Automotive Detailing is based in Roseville, California. We offer fine car detailing to Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and unincorporated South Placer County.

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Naturally, you want your vehicle to always stand out and look it’s best. Not only does having a clean car bring more joy and pride your to daily driving activities, but also serves to maintain the value of your vehicle. Placer Automotive Detailing is located in Roseville California, and we provide a variety of automotive auto detailing services to keep your car looking as new, if not better, than the day you first drove it home. Everything from a thorough exterior wash and wax, to full inside and out detailing services, that will leave your vehicle looking and smelling brand new!

Our two specialties are Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings.

Our Signature Paint Correction consists of our process of gently abrading the clear coat to an even level, using high speed polishers. This process will remove scratches, water spots and swirls and bring a higher shine and gloss to your paint’s finish.

Our Coating Services consist of first polishing your vehicle’s paint to a high shine, deep gloss finish, before applying Ceramic Pro. These coating offer self cleaning properties, ease of maintenance, improved resistance to light wash marring, bird droppings, bug splatter, dirt and dust, and possesses impressive hydrophobic properties.

While we specialize in Paint Correction and Coating Installations, we also offer traditional automotive detailing services. Our other Automotive Detail Services focus on both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, including the paint, windows, wheels, tires, and other visible components of the vehicle exterior, as well as a complete top-to-bottom cleaning of the interior cabin. We use only the highest quality products and finest techniques.

Placer Automotive Detailing is owner-operated,  based in Roseville, Ca and serving Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville and the surrounding areas. We have the appropriate tools and equipment, knowledge, experience and passion to provide the finest detail in the South Placer County Region.

We offer an assortment of auto detailing packages and services available, and we recognize that each of our customer’s needs are different. Contact us and let us know about your concerns and issues you would like us to address to give us a better understanding. This will allow for a more precise initial estimate.