About Placer Automotive Detailing


Turismo Auto Spa

Precision workmanship is my passion. I absolutely love what I do at Placer Automotive Detailing, and I love putting a smile on my customer’s faces. I am 100% committed to personalized customer service and satisfaction. I want you to feel safe with us. I take my operation very seriously, because MY name is on the line. I am selling you MY services. You are MY customer, and I take you and your vehicle very seriously. I want you to tell your close friends and relatives about us. I invite you to try us out and experience what a true detail is. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

-Matt, Owner Placer Automotive Detailing

Meet Matt

Owner Turismo Auto Spa

Matt is the face of Turismo Auto Spa. From the start, Matt knew he wanted to focus the business on providing incredibly fine automotive detailing to his clients. He is 30 years old, and has lived in Lincoln for 10 years. He previously worked in management at a very large local corporation, for the better half of a decade, before creating his own brand. As the CEO he spends the majority of his time doing Paint Corrections, Coatings, Restorations, and special projects.

Meet Nick

Co-Owner and Operations Manager

Nick is our Operations Manager, responsible for Day to Day operations and our Fleet Accounts. He has two years of experience, and is cross trained in all of our Car Detailing Services, including Paint Correction and Ceramic Pro installations.